New Construction


GB Systems, Inc. has been delivering innovative HVAC systems, solutions, and services for the past 17 years. Our capabilities include design, engineering, fabrication, project management, purchasing, construction, system start-up, balancing, commissioning, warranty, and service.

We have had the privilege to design, build, and maintain HVAC systems for mixed-use, commercial, and industrial projects that include retail, hospitality, high technology, commercial real estate, transportation, education, and healthcare industries.

To complement our construction services, we are excited to offer our clients valuable innovations in systems design, building energy retrofit, energy management strategies, occupant comfort and health, and sustainability. For the Redmond Think Space project, we successfully delivered LEED points relating to construction techniques, energy efficiency, duct construction & cleanliness, materials, air quality, and system commissioning. Our advanced capabilities include low voltage controls, VFD’s, high efficiency multi-stage filtration, heat recovery, VRV, City Multi Systems (VRFZ), energy efficiency audits, and systems tuning and optimization.

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